How it all started?

After having my own home and family for some time, in year 1983 I decided to have my first own dog.

Geat-Dane actually wasn't the very first breed on my mind, but somehow me and my first Great-Dane, Great-Golden's Fixtern, found each others. It was a big adventure right from the start for me, and very soon I was completely enchanted by this wonderfull breed.

Quite soon I had a chance to have another handsome male, Great-Golden's His MastersVoice, to live with us. Warm thank's to their breeder Helena for trusting me these two unforgettable males!

Birth of Kennel Old Chum's

History of first O.C. litter

In 1986 I had a chance to have a female from a litter sired by my own Fixtern.

Apollonia, "Nina", brindle female, joined us, and now there were 3 Great-Danes at my home :)

Slowly the idea of breeding a litter started to live in my mind. After getting good advices from experienced breeders, I finally started to plan it seriously.

I got my kennelname, Old Chum's in 1988.

(Old Chum's comes partly after a song from a great old movie, Cabaret, where Liza Minelli sings; "Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to a cabaret!" and partly in honour of my very first own "old chum", Fixtern)

On December 1988 first Old Chum's litter was born from combination of a fawn male, Fin Ch Great-Golden's His MastersVoice and a brindle female, Apollonia.

Apollonia and Great-Golden's His MastersVoice
playing on snowy fields.
Future Fin Ch Old Chum's Amazing Lady learning to walk stylish :).
Some Great-Danes in our history + Why no more Great-Danes +
Warmest Thanks to some of my friends from those times!
Sire of O.C. B-litters, Ch Helisain Rasputin. A truly impressive male, owned by Sinikka and Kari Hokkanen, Kennel Great-Body's. Old Chum's Bright Eye, Toope lived with us as pet little over 7 years.
Old Chum's Best In Anyway, Noora.
Strong and nicely built female who was an only born in first
O.C. B-litter, naturally stayed home with us.
Wilhellmiinan Local Hero, Kaino.
This beautiful fawn male was one of my Great-Danes.

Old Chum's Brave Bruce, Ujo,
lived nearly 9 years as pet with us.
Here I am, years and years ago, walking my group.
Old Chum's Amazing Lady, Jetta, on the right and her 3 kids who stayed home.
On these peaceful roads in the middle of nowhere I never needed to worry about what to wear. :D

After 3 litters I started to have a lot of lousy luck, and I couldn't get a litter from the only male that was "good enough" those days. During these years my work started to take more and more time, so I decided to give up with breeding Great-Danes at least untill my retirement.

During my time with this astonishing breed I got many very good friends:

Paula Laitinen, kennel Poptokin, my Best of the Best mentor from whom I learnt so much about how to take good care of my dogs and how to breed. Paula passed away far too soon and I think I never did thank her enough from all the knowlege I got from her!

Sinikka ja Kari Hokkanen, kennel Great-Body's, we had so much in common during so many years with Great-Danes. Then you introduced Chinese Cresteds to me, and gave me a chance to have my first chinese Elli, most wonderful foundation dog that anyone can get. Thank You So Much!

Anne ja Kari Oikarinen, kennel Juliuksen, I learnt to know you from Great-Dane circles and later we had all our Miniature Scnautzer related things and much more in common. Thank You both and it's always a pleasure to meet you every once in a while at dogshows around Finland!