A few words about me: I grew up as an only child in a home where there always was a dog.
So, for me it was quite obvious that I would have a dog of my own as soon as I got my own home.

My first own dog was a Great Dane, "Great-Golden's Fixtern", who came to my home 1983. A few years from that, there were three Great Danes in my house and first Old Chum's litter (Great Danes) was born on 18.12.1988.

Our first Chinese Crested, naked girl, Great-Body's Fabulous Funny, joined our family in 1995.
Very soon this strange looking, funny creature fascinated me completely. First Old Chum's Chinese Crested litter was born 12.10.1999.

My breeding has always been, and will be on a small scale, for the love of the breed, and all my dogs are part of my family. Every dog that I decide to keep, will have forever home with me. Even though if "promising" puppy turns out to be not for showing or breeding, due to health or temperament issues. I love my dogs, each and everyone, more than titles and winning.

My aim is to breed healthy cresteds, typical for the breed, to whom I hope to be able to find loving and permanent homes! Naturally, when planning a litter, I hope to see something “very special", but main priority for me is to have a healthy, happy litter. And of course I hope that my pups will be the most beautiful, or at least most beloved dogs in the world to their owners.

Well, that's about it..."in a nutshell" I hope You enjoy your visit :)